Pre-owned, rent to own and bounty harps


A Lyon & Healy CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) harp is the perfect choice for those who prefer not to purchase new, but want to own and play on a Lyon & Healy. Harps are brought back to Lyon & Healy from its Bounty Program, trade-in or because they were lightly played at demonstrations, exhibits, workshops or recitals.
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Our Rental Program provides beginners easy access to a Lyon & Healy or Salvi lever harp that can be returned at any time. All harps in Lyon & Healy’s rental pool meet our stringent quality standards.
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Available in the contiguous U.S.A. only


Lyon & Healy and Salvi offer a Rent To Own Program, which provides beginning harpists an affordable opportunity to purchase a new lever, Chicago Petite 40, Daphne 40, Chicago Concertino or Chicago CGX pedal harp after a six-month trial period. The six months rental fee, shipping charges and transit insurance are required in advance. At the end of the six months, there is the option to either return the instrument or purchase it.  If the rented harp is purchased, Lyon & Healy or Salvi will apply the six-month rental fee toward the purchase price of the instrument. Credit approval and Rent to Own contract are required in advance of the six-month Rent to Own period.  To enter into financing at the conclusion of the Rent to Own period, a separate credit approval and contract with an independent finance company will be required within 30 days of the purchase. View our Rent to Own/Bounty Program brochure.  To apply for the six-month Rent to Own period of the Rent to Own Program, download and fill out (digitally or by hand) this credit application.  Applicable harps: Lyon & Healy: Drake, Ogden, Troubadour VI, Prelude 40, Chicago 40, Chicago Concertino, Chicago CGX; Salvi: Mia, Titan, Gaia and Daphne 40.
Available in the U.S.A. only

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The harpist currently purchasing a lever harp should keep the Bounty Program in mind for the future.
Lyon & Healy or Salvi will apply the original purchase price of any Lyon & Healy or Salvi lever, Chicago Petite 40 or Daphne 40 pedal harp that is less than five years old, in fair condition and traded in by the original owner, toward the purchase of any new Lyon & Healy or Salvi pedal harp of greater value. Under the Bounty Program, one trade-in per customer is allowed. Electric and electroacoustic harps are not included. Other conditions apply, contact us or your harp dealer today for details.
Available in North America only

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