Where can I buy strings and accessories for my harp?

For a wide variety of music, strings, CDs, books and accessories, please visit www.harp.com.

How do I place a harp order?

To place a retail order for a standard Lyon & Healy lever or pedal harp, simply select the harp style and finish/color and make a 20% refundable, transferable deposit. For a retail special order, a 40% non-refundable deposit is required. Deposits made at current pricing reserve a harp in order of production, the balance of the harp will be the price of the harp at the time it is available for shipment, which may be higher.  Full payment or approved financing is necessary before delivery. To apply for financing, fill out this online credit application with Allegro Credit (an independent finance company). For additional information, please see the General Terms & Conditions listed on our Prices page.

Does Lyon & Healy provide a warranty on its harps?

Yes, the Louis XV Special, Louis XV, Prince William Gold, Styles 8, 3 and 26 (Gold) come with a 10-year limited warranty, pedal harps come with a 5-year limited warranty, and all lever harps come with a 3-year limited warranty.

How long does it take for my harp to be delivered?

Once your harp is completed and ready for delivery, its shipment typically takes 3 to 5 days in the continental US, and outside the US 7 to 10 days. Inclement weather and/or temperatures below 10F or above 105F can delay shipping.

How does your Bounty Program work?

Lyon & Healy or Salvi will apply the original purchase price of any Lyon & Healy or Salvi lever, Chicago Petite 40 or Daphne 40 pedal harp that is less than five years old, in fair condition and traded in by the original owner, toward the purchase of any new Lyon & Healy or Salvi pedal harp of greater value. Under the Bounty Program, one trade-in per customer is allowed. Electric and electroacoustic harps are not included. Contact our sales team at sales@lyonhealy.com or your local harp dealer for additional details. Please have your harp’s serial number and model information readily available.

How does the Try, Then Buy Program work?

Lyon & Healy and Salvi offer a Try, Then Buy Program, which provides beginning harpists an affordable opportunity to purchase a new lever harp after a three-month lease period. The three months lease fee, shipping charges and transit insurance are required in advance. At the end of the three months, there is the option to either return the instrument or purchase it. If the leased harp is purchased, Lyon & Healy or Salvi will apply the three months lease fee toward the purchase price of the instrument. Credit approval and contract required. U.S. only. Please ask for additional details by emailing sales@lyonhealy.com.

What is transit insurance?

This is Transport Insurance on the harp. Each harp must leave Lyon & Healy insured in the event that there is any damage in shipping. This only means it is insured in transit. If you wish for your harp to be insured once you have accepted delivery, you must purchase insurance separately. Lyon & Healy does not insure harps.

How do I care for my harp?

The best tool for cleaning your harp is a simple 100% cotton cloth. This should be used on a regular basis to wipe off the perspiration, dust and oil which can accumulate on the wooden portions of your harp. Our Lyon & Healy Harp Polish can be applied directly to a cotton cloth to help maintain your harp’s beautiful wood finish (to avoid the build-up that frequent polishing can create, it is best to use the polish only once every several months). Use a separate clean cotton cloth to wipe off the brass action and pedals of your harp, along with a small soft-bristled brush for dusting the strings nuts and discs. Do not use any type of metal polish or other liquids on the brass action or pedals as it can adversely affect the special protective metal lacquer finish that is applied to these parts at our shop.

How often should I get my pedal harp regulated?

Lyon & Healy recommends routine regulations for its harps by a member of the Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild. The technicians have a thorough understanding of the instrument, plus knowledge of all the technical aspects needed by regulators.

How often should I change my strings?

The quality of your strings affects the sound of your harp – over time, strings lose their tonal quality and can change your harp’s pitch. A general guideline for an advanced student or professional harpist is to change your 1st and 2nd octaves every six months and the 3rd, 4th and 5th octaves and bass wires every year (for a student or enthusiast, add six months for the 1st and 2nd octaves and a year to the rest). We recommend keeping track of the age of each string so you know when it is time to replace them.

How do I find a harp teacher?

While Lyon & Healy does not personally recommend harp teachers, there are a variety of websites that list harp teachers (try entering “harp teachers” into any common search engine). Two of these sites are the American Harp Society at www.harpsociety.org (look under Resources for their Teachers Directory) and the Teachers Near You listing at http://us.harp.com/teachers-us.htm.

Does Lyon & Healy give appraisals on harps?

Lyon & Healy provides two different types of appraisals: Insurance Replacement Values for insurance companies, and Physical Value Evaluations to provide a statement of value of your harp (the latter may only be done with a physical inspection of the harp). Please visit our Appraisal Requests page for more information.

Does Lyon & Healy give appraisals on instruments other than its harps?

Unfortunately, Lyon & Healy does not have records for any instruments other than the harp and is unable to appraise or provide information on other instruments.

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