Introducing the BioCarbon Pedal Harp Strings

We are pleased to introduce Sipario BioCarbon® strings, made using a blend of a recently discovered bio-plastic derived from sugar-cane.  The sound of these strings delivers a powerful, brighter and clearer pitch that provides superior acoustic projection and sustain, as demonstrated by extensive laboratory analysis, and sound tests. BioCarbon® strings feature elevated resistance to wear and tear under tension, an extraordinary resistance to humidity, and a superior permanence of tuning, as well as an excellent grip on the fingers.

Introductory Pedal Harp String Set: 2nd Octave E to 5th Octave A: Available on
Specially Priced at $169
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The intonation of the strings should be calibrated by an authorized technician within two to three weeks after changing to BioCarbon® strings, so we recommend timing your change to when your harp is ready for its next regulation service.  The process for tuning a BioCarbon string is slightly different from a typical gut string, this video tutorial demonstrates the recommended process (the point where it becomes different starts at the 2:40 time).

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