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Style 22









Style 22 Gold Semi Grand

46 strings
0 octave G to 7th octave D

71" (180 cm)

Soundboard Width
20" (51 cm)

Extreme Width
38" (97 cm)

78 lbs (35 Kg)

Buitl in 1923, the setting of Fitzgerald's "Great Gatsby" in a time of extremes and decadence with the world on the cusp of revolutionary ideas. Flappers and one piece bathing suits were the vogue; couples were dancing to King Creole and singing to Gershwin's "I Won't Say I Will But I Won't Say I Won't" as well as "Once in a Blue Moon"; King Tutankhamen's tomb was first opened; composers such as Milhaud, Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Varese were gaining notoriety and Chicago was busy hosting Picasso's first show in the United States.

This elegantly restored Style 22 Gold Semi Grand harp (#2530) is a real gem of Americana history. Originally built in 1923, it features a new Lyon & Healy soundboard trimmed in Avodire and Bubinga woods. The soundboard has been meticulously hand-painted using 24+ karat gold leaf and colorful inks in a rare Victorian design found on only one other Lyon & Healy harp. It also has a new neck and tuning pins. The body back along with the back of the base has been refinished to a golden patina to match the new neck. The gilding has been cleaned and restored leaving as much of the original gold leaf intact as possible. This maintains that beautiful patina that the gold harps develop after many years. The mechanism has been reriveted complete. It has all new screws, updated oblong discs, updated string nuts, discs gold-plated, handle gold-plated and the mechanism plates and pedals polished and lacquered. Factory standard new strings along with new felts and regulation make this harp to be admired and played for many years to come. It comes with a tuning key, transport cover set a 3-year limited warranty and shipping carton.

$45,000 (US)
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