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Chicago Petite 40
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Style 100 Concert Grand

47 strings
0 octave G to 7th octave C

73 1/2" (187 cm)

Soundboard Width
21 5/8 " (55 cm)

Extreme Width
38 3/4 " (98 cm)

78 lbs (35 kg)

Introduced in 1964 to commemorate Lyon & Healy's 100th anniversary, the Style 100 was originally referred to as the "Centennial" model.  The Style 100 features a graceful tapered Harp Maple column with scalloped fluting, giving it striking poise suitable for both contemporary and traditional settings.  Its soundboard is built with Sitka Spruce, giving the Style 100 a splendid, full sound.  The solid brass action plates feature a richly ornamented illustration and script.  The Style 100 is available in natural, mahogany and ebony finishes. It comes with a cover, tuning key and a 5-year limited warranty.

$23,500 (US)
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